SH995 GPS Watch Tracker Wrist Watch GPS Tracking Device for Kids

Model:  Q50

GSM frequency:  850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS:  MTK GSM 6261 UBX7020

Class GPRS:  12, IP build in GSM module TCP

GPS sensitivity:  -159dbm

GPS positioning accuracy:  10 meters (RM 2D)

GSM positioning accuracy:  meters 50-200

Speed accuracy:  0.1m/s

Maximum height:  18000 M

Battery capacity:  400MAH

Color:  Pink / Blue / Green

Minimum Order : 1 , Pieces

SH995 GPS Watch Tracker Wrist Watch GPS Tracking Device for Kids

1. Baby location-- show the real time location of your child.
2. long-distance recording--The watch start to recording 10 sec and replay on your mobile phone.
3.Family number--You can set 2 family number(father/mother), 1SOS number and 1 monitoring number.
4.Bluetooth anti-lost--enable this function at crowded conditions, the watch will alarm when the kid is beyond safe distance.
5. Find the watch--enable this fuction, the watch will alarming and you can find it easily.
6. body temperature
7.parent-children interaction--set mission for your children and encourage him/her complete everyday.
8.Add device--If you bought more than one device, you can added another device here and manage two different device in one account.
9. Historic route replay--You can replay the route of your child in last 3 months.
10.mode setting--you can choose two different mode, power saving mode makes longer battery life,
tracking mode will have more tracking location but takes more power.
11.alarm clock--8 separate alarm clock to meet your different demand. attendence--combine with Zhixiaotong school management system to show children's attendence on school.
13.Geofence--you can set a Geofence for your children, it will sent alarm onche the child is out of the fence.
14.Application--click the application button and you can set the name of your device, family number,change password and so on functions.

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